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When it comes to feeling safe and relaxed in your own home, there are a few different things that are necessary and we can help with that.

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Services We Provide


Soft Story Retrofitting

Soft story buildings feature first stories that are much less rigid than the stories above, making them especially susceptible...

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Helical Piers

As part of our seismic retrofitting services in Southern California, CXC Contracting installs helical piers...

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Foundation Repair

Your entire house rests upon a foundation, which is the fundamental support systems. Numerous problems can...

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Earthquake Retrofitting

Also know as “seismic retrofitting,” earthquake retrofitting involves modifying your house’s structure in order...

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Why You Need Us


Earthquake Preparedness

Your home should be the one place in the world where you are most comfortable. It should be a place where you can come home after a long day of work and relax. This is difficult when you see cracks in your walls or foundation and worry that your house is going to split in half or needs any other renovation. When it comes to feeling safe and relaxed in your own home there are a few different things that are necessary and we can help you take care of them. We help homeowners from Los Angeles to San Francisco feel at home in their house and make sure that they have a solid foundation to build their life on.


Retrofitting Information

If you’ve been through a good-sized earthquake, you know the feeling. Everything shakes madly. Things fall off shelves, objects smash and break, chimneys disintegrate, windows shatter. And overall, the noise. The unbelievable, indescribable combination of all the preceding, plus the movement of the very earth itself. But while the actual quake may be over quickly, the damage caused is much longer lasting. Learn just what earthquake retrofitting is, why retrofitting your house is important to you, and how having your home earthquake retrofitted can save you big money on your insurance bills.


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